a small marsupial that glides around. come in a variety of color and are very cute and cuddly. ^^
sugar gliders are not only cuter than hamsters, they'll eat em. ^^
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 24, 2005
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cute, yes, fuzzy, yes, loving, yes...lots of work. something dumb people buy thinking it's like a hamster and have to get rid of because they didn't know what they were getting into. come in many different colors, including but not limited to the traditional black beauties and grays, but come in buttercream, albino, leu', champagne, etc. cool animals for people that don't just buy them from the fair and know what is involved with raising a furbutt. they need alot of attention. as in two hours a morning and night (as they are nocturnal, we're talking very late and very early alot of the time). they also need specialized diets you have to make yourself. you can't pull a paris hilton and get a new one every week.
brie: you look tired. up studying for the final?
nam: nah man...had to stay up past midnight to play with my sugar glider.
brie: pff, sounds like too much work.
nam: you wouldn't understand. it's a glider slave thing.
by nammy September 12, 2007
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An adorable flying mammal found in southern Autralia and parts of Indonesia. Most people mistake it for a flying squirrel, but it is actually a relative of the opossum. Suagr gliders are steel grey with black stripes, and grow to be no bigger than that of the average squirrel. Suggies are very social and loveable creatures and live longer in captivity than in the wild. They love to climb on things, like little hanging toys and nets on the ceiling. And in their world, there's never too many toys! ^^
I am soon going to be the proud owner of a sugar glider named Erebus. :D
by SugarGliderAndLinkinParkLover December 27, 2005
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someone who provides emotional support in exchange for material support in a relationship, synonymous with sugar baby or bbg; counterpart to a sugar daddy. sex is often part of the exchange, but letโ€™s be real, if being a glider was just about getting someone off that would be so easy that everyone would be doing it.

people who work several marks, or are just openly polyamorous, tend to call themselves gliders instead of babies, probably because of the freedom that โ€œgliderโ€ implies. term is usually only spoken between providers, not with the johns, who would rather use custom pet names instead of transactional titles. glider is significantly gender-neutral and age-neutral, making it more a versatile term, ie. with tech workers, where the person providing emotional labor is probably older than the person with the dough.

derived from the f***ing adorable marsupials that steal your heart while crushing your soul with their big black eyes.
i get more respect from my marks ever since i evolved from sugar baby to sugar glider
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by fish trap July 17, 2018
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A young female at or around the age of 18 who often lies about her age in order to gain entry to bars in order to flirt/hook up with older guys. Often found in a bar, the name stems from the Sugar Glider's tendency to be fairly new to the world of alcohol, and as a result, she can often be found drinking the most sickeningly sweet concoctions available at the bar, and will refuse beer of any kind. Accompanied by older siblings that helped sneak her in, the Sugar Glider's companions often are too drunk or preoccupied to realize she is masquerading as a 21 year old college junior. The Sugar Glider's main targets are healthy looking males in the 21-26 age range. The damage is twofold: 1) The unsuspecting male may run into very serious legal problems depending on the actual age of the sugar glider. 2) The companions will take flak from friends and family the next day for allowing the Sugar Glider out of their sight long enough to create trouble. If you suspect you have encountered a Sugar Glider, it is best to playfully attempt to verify her age by looking at her ID, asking her companions her age, or by asking her questions about things in life outside of high school. Sugar Gliders often exhibit signs of being drunker and louder than anyone else in the bar, and are known for often spilling their drinks on the floor or other people and playfully squealing "Ohhhh maaah gawwwd. I'm sooo sorrrry!".
I made out with some chick at the bar last night. It's a good thing things didn't go any further because she turned out to be a Sugar Glider.
by HunkasaurusSex January 12, 2009
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A gay man, usually young and attractive, who utilizes anal sex to lure and use rich, typically older gay men into being sugar daddies.
Wally is such a sugar glider. That's the third guy he's gotten to pay his car note for him.
by fancy boots July 16, 2012
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