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I have recently started calling dumb guys opossum.
eg: You are a bloody opossum
by nagcoder May 08, 2005
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Figuratively: Someone whose shitty driving will soon cause them to be found dead on the road, just as actual opossums are often found.
(You are on a 3 lane freeway in the Summer. A person driving 45 mph, goes from the right lane to the middle lane, directly in front of you, without using their turn signal)

YOU: (Yelling sarcastically out the window as you pass) Thanks for the turn signal Opossum!
by Harry Hickman December 09, 2006
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When for circumstantial reasons (people nearby, thin apartment walls) you have to have a quiet orgasm, an opossum - otherwise known as "having a silent O."
"Man my parents were sitting on the couch watching a movie and my girlfriend and I were getting it on in the next room - we both had to have an opossum!"
by Kgives2me March 02, 2009
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"I heard some hood rat wanted to party with you last night." "Dude, that chick was white and ghetto, shes a opossum!"
by pillpoppinfun August 17, 2014
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a white person who acts like a black person.

opossums do the same things as raccoons yet are white.
kid 1: look at that guy,he looks like he is trying to be black.
Kid 2: yeah,he is definitely a opossum.
by rodeoqueen June 21, 2010
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