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cute, yes, fuzzy, yes, loving, yes...lots of work. something dumb people buy thinking it's like a hamster and have to get rid of because they didn't know what they were getting into. come in many different colors, including but not limited to the traditional black beauties and grays, but come in buttercream, albino, leu', champagne, etc. cool animals for people that don't just buy them from the fair and know what is involved with raising a furbutt. they need alot of attention. as in two hours a morning and night (as they are nocturnal, we're talking very late and very early alot of the time). they also need specialized diets you have to make yourself. you can't pull a paris hilton and get a new one every week.
brie: you look tired. up studying for the final?
nam: nah man...had to stay up past midnight to play with my sugar glider.
brie: pff, sounds like too much work.
nam: you wouldn't understand. it's a glider slave thing.
by nammy September 12, 2007

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Salad fingers is a flash animation by the wonderful and disturbing mind of David Firth. Salad Fingers seems to be a man based on schitzophrenia patients with other mental problems as well. he sees the world as not really there due to his mental illness and seperation from what is going on.
it is true that you have to have a little bit of brain-power and the give-a-damn to see beyond the obvious picture, which in itself is stupid, pointless, disturbing. once you see the meaning behind it, it's a very insightful and artistic look into the mind of a mentally ill person. if you can gather the awesome strength of not mindlessly gazing at the pretty pictures and the groups of letters called 'words', it's easier to grasp the concept David Firth is laying out there. it's really sad, seeing as alot of people out there think the way Salad Fingers does...if you don't like it, fine, but the show brings up very true points about the world and its people.
idgit a: salad fingers is so dumb! he's icky!
nam: you don't have a psychologic bone in your body. go back to watching powerpuff girls; that's probably mindless enough for your mental capacity.
by Nammy September 24, 2007

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A filler, basically, usually added to the end of a sentance. Stereotypically said to be incessantly used by Canadians, just like everyone thinks all American teenaged girls with blonde hair say 'like' repeatedly, only 'eh' isn't so incredibly obnoxious IMO. Personally I've lived with canadians that say it, others that don't. Depends on the canuck. Plenty of Americans say it too. Can also be likened to the habit of adding 'then' to soften a sentance.
'so you see what I'm saying, eh?'
'you want to go to the mall, then?;
by Nammy April 28, 2008

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a christian (among other things) sign. has three ovals and in some instances a circle in the middle of the ovals. used in the show charmed alot, the Three Shadows.
nammy:watched charmed last night. the triquetra on there is kinda cool.
cay: wtf is a tri...whatever?
nammy:its a symbol you fool. wikipedia it.
by nammy May 08, 2006

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