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Otherwise known as "alopecia"
Buttercream is a word used to describe a man (or woman) who is 100% hairless (no scalp hair, eyebrows, facial hair, body hair, pubic hair, etc)
"Haha, check out that guy, not a single hair on his body, He's a total Buttercream."
by GonorrheaJoe April 15, 2008
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The delicious product made from whipping butter and sugar with a mans penis.
Matt: Hey Ash I've finished whipping your buttercream, man my penis hurts.
by Juratasaurausrex May 20, 2017
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A light skinned dude or female that will fuck up your life
Me: Man, check that buttercream with the green eyes..he’s fine asf

Friend: you do not wanna go there, girl
Buttercream: *winks*

See also Hot Felon
by Alwaystanveronica August 10, 2019
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