A great thing to say before putting a rocket up someone's ass in any FPS.
by Seer-of-Shadows May 26, 2004
What is said before you shoot someone.
As He put the gun in the enemy's mouth, He whispered, "suck it down" just before he pulled the trigger.
by Pseudo McPseudonym May 28, 2004
v. the action of swallowing huge, almost unearthly amounts of splooge immediatley after performing the act of riding the meatpole
She sucked it down right after she rode that meat pole for 10 minutes.
To give oral sex to either a man or a woman.
He gave me a suck down last night.
She gave Gary a suck down in the car at the drive-in.
by Jilina September 22, 2005
To smoke a bong.
"Keen to go back to my hut and suck down some bong's."
"Nah, Let's go suck some down at my joint."
"Hey brother, hurry up and suck down that cone."
by Diego September 11, 2003
"Even yo' daddy knows that you been suckin' down chocolate like Daddy-O's!" -Ludacris

Smartass: "Hey guys, let's have a Hershey's Syrup chugging contest!"
Dumbass: "OK, but y'all are going down. I can suck down chocolate like no other!"
...long, awkward silence...
Smartass: "So, um, how 'bout them Yankees?"
by Nick D May 23, 2003