Friend with benefits.
Usually referred to a girl from a guy, so when i guy calls a girl his joint, he means he's currently "involved" with that girl. Or messing with her, and yea you get the point ;-) But thats all she is, no where near a wifey.
Me and my joint have plans, wink wink .
by Boooooom December 12, 2009
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Also used "Thats my song." Not a joint as in drug. Something that a being has great interest. But not a girl. Like a game or song.
(good song on the radio)..."This my joint"
by me March 17, 2005
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"Cop my Joint" is an abrupt term meaning "Suck my Cock". This saying is to be used as an abrupt come back to some moron who is trying to slag you in front of your friends. This saying is best used in large crowds and your opponent is surrounded by his own friends. This will ensure maximum embarrasment to him or her.
by RudeDonny December 20, 2005
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When two or more friends doubt whether or not a friend is telling the truth or full of shit. It pertains to not believing a friend in any situation necessary. The spectrum ranges from hooking up with a girl all the way to a friend not taking gambling advice.
1: Yo, I called you that night to chill with those girls.

2: Nah son, weak, I didn't get a call because you didn't want me there.
1: Son, quit dawgin' my joints.

2: You're dawgin' my joints son.

1: Quit dawgin' my joints kid?
2: Nah kid, you quit dawgin' my joints.

1: I'm telling you son, Alabama will cover.
2: Nah kid, no way bro.

1: You dawgin' my joints son?
by CaldeSoxxx January 25, 2015
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