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A term to describe something cool. Made semi-popular by a show that used to air on MTV called Sifl & Olly and its all-sock-puppet cast.
Sifl & Olly is crescent fresh. I'm going to go download the episodes.
by Seer-of-Shadows April 21, 2004

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An Internet service offered by Microsoft for their Xbox video game system, for the sake of being able to play their Xbox games online. Comes with a microphone so that you can speak to the other people you are playing with.
Sadly, most Xbox owners are not used to being able to talk to their opponents like PC gamers are. Hence the majority of the conversation that goes on often consists of "YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!! SHOOT THE FUCKING GUY!!!"
by Seer-of-Shadows May 19, 2004

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A great thing to say before putting a rocket up someone's ass in any FPS.
Suck it down. *boom, splortch*
by Seer-of-Shadows May 25, 2004

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Actually most of the definitions here are incorrect. Rhydin lives. It's just not officially sanctioned by AOL anymore. The players took it upon themselves to play it out in user-made chatrooms.
Rhydin is not dead, just on life support.
by Seer-of-Shadows April 21, 2004

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One of the loaders for the MSBlast virus.
"Okay, ma'am, do you see 'penis32' in the Processes list?"
by Seer-of-Shadows April 16, 2004

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Acronym for "Spirit of Wolf." A spell in EverQuest that makes your character run much faster than normal. It's considered one of the most valuable spells in the entire game.
"need sow for corpse run!!!!!!!!!111"
by Seer-of-Shadows September 24, 2004

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Sony roolz, that was surprisingly brave. I've never heard someone say they have a one centimeter dick. You do realize that's very small, correct?
Sony roolz admitted to having a mini-penis.
by Seer-of-Shadows May 24, 2004

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