Whaddaya mean ya quit ya job, ya stunad?
by Dave Keller September 10, 2003
Italain-American for 'light headed person'.
You stunad, you forgot the tickets?!?!
by Dove November 3, 2003
Italian slang for when you have a negative amount of energy.
Oh my god, I ate so much shit on my cheat day and now I am so stunad.
by OnlyHalfItalian February 25, 2017
An Italian word to describe someone being dumb, stupid, and/or retarded.
“Oh my god, Bruce ate her ass? What a stunad.”
by DaddyAssEater March 18, 2019
Stunad is an adjective usually one usually uses to describe themself. Usually used to describe the way you feel when you first wake up and can't yet mentally process anything meaningful or when you do something really stupid or a series of really stupid things, not because your stupid but because you're mentally not with it. This word is a little less harsh than stupid and has the connotation of being a bit silly.
I'm so stunad today. I put the milk in the cabinet and the salt in the refrigerator.

Talk to me after I drink my coffee then I won't feel so stunad.

by WannyKazan January 10, 2009