5 definitions by Dove

An emoticon suggesting that the writer "feels like a clown."
by Dove January 26, 2003
Italain-American for 'light headed person'.
You stunad, you forgot the tickets?!?!
by Dove November 3, 2003
1. the small knots of fluff that build onto your woolen jumper over time.

2. an irrevent alias for those irish that can't dance, but do.
there right flitterjigs
by Dove December 12, 2003
1) an unspecified period of time, generally used when you wish to impress upon someone that you've been waiting for them much longer than desired.

2) the nebulous "suggested" amount of time recommended before venturing into a place where you have done something immoral, illegal or where something unpleasant has happened.
1) "Shit man I'm sorry, how long have you been here?"
"A good minute"

2) Ya know I'd wait a good minute before I'd go back to the pub, they know you were the one who snaked out on a $100 tab."
by Dove July 8, 2004
A modern religion based on ancient Pagan religions, but not necessarily based entirely on historical accuracy. Neopaganism is usualy polytheistic and nature based.
Liz spoke about the history of neopaganism and is historical and modern influences.
by Dove August 22, 2004