People who posses the name Che are very intelligent, weird but cool, kind, Loyal, caring, always has their friends/family/Lova back and are always ready for a challenge. They also have a unique personality that not only attracts individuals but affects them in such a positive way that people may even classify them as "an angel in disguise". People with the name Che are attracted to any music and love drama. With their unique personality and Leadership quality, they can change the world into a positive place.
by God is good all the time May 11, 2018
Radical guy who's a sexy motherfucker usually really popular and fun to be around with
Hey did you see how cool Che was today?
by Tigresa February 16, 2015
A slang term for the grain alcohol Everclear, which, like the famous guerilla leader and popular t-shirt image Che Guevara, is revolutionary.
We were throwing back shots of 151-proof Che last night--nobody really remembers what happened, but three of us woke up with sharpie Marx all over our faces.
by fmty October 5, 2009
(verb) to che another is to ditch your mates in favour of a girl
"Mate i've met a new girl!"
"You still coming out saturday?"
"Sorry i can't"
"Why you cheing me!"
by erkle1 April 1, 2010
\'cheh\ A call used in public to play foosball. Can be used as a call and response.
"Dude, I really wanna play some foos right now. Che?!!?"

by foosballz May 21, 2013
Means the blessed one , or in other words blessed by God , she is kind and loyal but if you mess with her family or friends she will turn against you and will be your worst nightmare
Wow I wanna be like che but don’t get on her bad side
by Peanut12 December 28, 2017
A word of confirmation or agreement, can be used interchangeably with yes or sure, can also be used in a situation where there is no necessary response. Can be used in other forms such as chezzle, chezzie or used with fer to substitute the statement for sure, with fer che.
"God damn that wild turkey is good" ........ Fer che

"I can't remember shit from last night, we were so wasted" Che
by Griffin Jones February 8, 2008