(literally a "piece of shit"); when referred to people = insult referred to someone who's a midway between a asshole and a bastard, sometimes both ... depending on the construction of the phrase.
sei proprio stronzo = you are a "bad fellow" (kidding someone jokingly)
quello è proprio uno stronzo = that bloke is really a hopeless bastard
come si fa ad essere così stronzi? = how can anyone be such an asshole?
by pino-il-siracusano November 28, 2015
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In italian, turd or asshole or bastard; often used to offend, but it can be used also among friends without offending intention.
It means "piece of shit" (in italian: "pezzo di merda", which is also used with the same meaning of "stronzo");
when used to denote a real piece of shit (not in the figurative way), it often denotes an oblong piece of shit.
- Quello stronzo mi ha imbrogliato!
- That bastard cheated me!

- Ho uno stronzo che sporge dal culo, dov'è il bagno?
- (lit.) I have a piece of shit that protrude from the ass, where's the wc?
- (not lit.) I need the wc very urgently!

- Il cane mollò uno stronzo di dimensioni bibliche.
- The dog dropped a piece of shit which had biblic dimension (i.e., so big that it deserves a special mention in an important book)

(Tra amici che giocano a carte, uno mette giù un poker) - Ma che stronzo!
(Among friends playing cards, one of them put down a poker) - What a bastard!
by jeropot January 30, 2009
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Obscenity from Italian--literally meaning "turd" but often used vocatively.
Hey stronzo! Are you going to help me or what?
by MightyKingFubar November 20, 2003
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Italian slang for "asshole." Carries connotation of dumb-ass tendencies in addition to obnoxiousness.
"That fuckin' stronzo thinks he can do whatever the fuck he wants. Looks like it's gonna take our friends Smith & Wesson to convince the dumb fuck otherwise."
by Sport September 09, 2003
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Literally "piece of shit" or "turd" derived from the verb stronzare, to shit.

Commonly used as bastard, bitch, or son of a bitch

Feminine: Stronza
Plural: Stronzi
Lasciami stare, stronzo

Leave me alone, turd!/asshole

Hai fatto una grande stronzata!

Lit: You made a big shit!
Fig: You really fucked things up!
by Squishypeaches April 14, 2009
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Someone who uses Italian words, even if there is an English equivalent.
Mary-Ellen said she would bring some "gelato". What a stronzo!!
by Da Worm September 09, 2008
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