relating to, characteristic of , used in calling (adv.)
The word is used vocatively.
by Hans-Joachim Baumann March 29, 2005
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Volatile Organic Compound. Often emitted as gases from solid or liquid compounds, VOC's can come from a variety of sources suchs as paints, cleaning supplies, or certain manufacturing processes.
Bill and Ted didn't realize they could get cancer from the VOC's in the glue they were sniffing.
by Wiseman July 11, 2006
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VOC the abrev. for the "voice of customer". VOC is a method of capturing the needs and desires of the customer to assure customers get high quality services or products.
Ashley: This place is VOC friendly. They got everything you'd ever need, and did not know to ask.
Susie: Yea, it's not like going into large big box store where they have everyhing you don't want.
Ashley: It's a little werid being in a place where you want everyhing.
by mlhiss March 29, 2008
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A Victim of Circumstance.

Someone who has fallen prey to a situation due to their current environment and/ or extenuating life situation.
The poor guy does not really like her; he is just dating her because he is a total VOC and his lifestyle makes it hard for him to meet girls.
by Aaronal'assandra August 12, 2011
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VOC can be used as a synonym for fuck, said in the fragment "VOC yourself", meaning "Go fuck yourself" :P
Nostrum, go VOC yourself.
by Durion January 29, 2004
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Voc is a shitty school, located in New Bedford, also known as Joke Tech, where these dumbass students think they are cool because they are plumbers.
Dartmouth Kid: “That faggot goes to Voc Tech
Westport kid: “Oh? You mean Joke Tech?”
Dartmouth Kid: “Same thing”
by that1kidfromMa March 14, 2020
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Dutch acronym that gained popularity trough tiktok.

It means verzopen op camping.
Translated to English that means drowned on a camping.
Because of climate change we probably be voc every year from now on.

Frank told me they were voc last summer.
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