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(literally a "piece of shit"); when referred to people = insult referred to someone who's a midway between a asshole and a bastard, sometimes both ... depending on the construction of the phrase.
sei proprio stronzo = you are a "bad fellow" (kidding someone jokingly)
quello è proprio uno stronzo = that bloke is really a hopeless bastard
come si fa ad essere così stronzi? = how can anyone be such an asshole?
by pino-il-siracusano November 29, 2015

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Mainly a vernacular expression, literally meaning "worn out prostitute".
To be used to refer to an unpleasant woman, in a highly scornful manner.
she's everybody's girl ... nothing but a "worn out whore" ...
quella va con tutti ... è solo una bagascia frusta ...


- hey you! ... little bastard ... don't ever talk to my gal, never more! ...
- who the fuck gives a shit for that "bagascia frusta" worn out whore of yours ...


- my former wife was a real prude ... she used to attend church on sundays ...
- che cosa? ... avrei giurato piuttosto, che fosse solo una vecchia bagascia frusta ...
- what? ... i would've rather sworn she was a damn "worn out whore "
by pino-il-siracusano December 02, 2015

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mano a mano; mano mano; man mano

As far as Italians are concerned these expressions (freely exchangeable) have only one use and meaning, the origin of which - most likely - has to do with the way in old times people used to measure short distances by using an open hand.
You put a hand widely open beside another end moving on as you take measures. From this habit in old times may have arisen the idea of following an event - shal we say - "step-by-step" (if you're measuring long distances) ... or similarly "hand-by-hand" (if you're measuring, say, a cloth or a stick of wood, etc.).
By extension, every time an Italian wants to mean following something very closely and at every new event uses this expression.
I mark on the wall my child's height as (mano a mano) he grows.
Segno sul muro l'altezza di mio figlio MANO A MANO che cresce.
I mark on the wall my child's height (continuosly) AS he grows.
by pino-il-siracusano November 03, 2018

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