Damn here comes that fatto! Hide the food!
by Janette Christ November 23, 2006
The correct and cool way of calling someone or something fat
Weird guy bumps into popular girl
Popular girl: Eww get off of me fatto
by DorasOnCrack October 30, 2022
When you’re joking about something (pronnounced: fa2)
Hahah, it was just a fattoe dude
by Basilation station alexx November 12, 2018
When a cat gets so chunky wunkey he becomes another breed a more epic bigger cuddler. For comparison a chonky bois tummy goes to his knee the fatto cattos tummy sits at his feet.
look at this picture of my cat!”
My god! Now that’s a Fatto Catto”
by Bored Bitch May 12, 2019
An overly sized humungous stripper.

One who you would not let your best friend fuck even on their bucks show, unless their name was Krisztian with a Z... Yes you Sundog.
Man that's one huge fatto gram
by Dtrain9 July 15, 2014
"FATTO REAL" also known as "FATTORIA"
It is an exclamation of agreement.

Mostly used when you're totally agree with something.
X:"This beer taste really good!"
Y:"Fatto real!!"
by G-Karell November 26, 2021
When someone says something that you are really agree with
Anna:"This beer taste really good";
Gabriele:"Fatto real!";
by G-Karell November 21, 2021