1. Said before departing, a farewell
2. Bye
I'm off to the mall! Tra!
by Justin January 2, 2004
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According to Traology 101, The sound that the junk in the trunk makes when properly ass-smacked. A well-proportioned “lady” must participate by presenting and relaxing her cheeks for the tra sound to occur. It can also be used to rate or grade one’s ass.
That girl is very tra-able
Tirala Tra
Sigue Ritmo Tra
Dice la Tra
by Professor Socorro June 21, 2005
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Informal way of saying something is completely accurate(true). Usually used over texting to achieve optimal efficiency.
Bra 1: Dude I think you're gf is wrong but just say you're sorry.

Bra 2: Tra.
by RiskyBalloon November 13, 2015
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Tra - apparently some people people think this is how to spell Ta-ra. Ta-ra means 'bye, INFORMAL•NORTHERN ENGLISH
Tra does NOT mean goodbye.
Tra - not meaning goodbye -they mean Ta-ra.
by Wild5 April 27, 2020
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A little Emo kid From Seattle who thinks hes a thug but is really a nub. He is Funky Fresh And usually they got style.
That Tra Bra Was Flip Flammin On That Hella Legit Backstret.

TRA TRA ....
by ILOVETREVOR LOVE KARMA September 12, 2008
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A sexy and strong man who is usually really (funny). He has a large cock and and great personality. He is loyale,rich and polite. He kills people with his awsome call of duty skills
Tra is a really cool name
by Mrlongslong October 26, 2020
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A person who continuously does uncomfortable actions. One who nuts before entering .
Annamarie Yates said he was such a Tra!
by PiddleDiddle January 5, 2019
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