A sweet fruit slightly larger than a grape that grows on trees during the summer time.
Example 1: Figs are great, in modertation.

Example 2: Why are all of the definitions I see here incorrect, not even mentioning that it's a fruit?!
by Hooter Stumpfuck 2 August 29, 2006
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Another term for fag or faggot; used to hate on any person looking, acting, or being accused of being a homosexual.
by GayJohn69 April 21, 2011
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A fig is someone who has done something so awful, that they get known for it.
Chris: You know Jessica, right? The girl I've been dating for a while? She broke up with me yesterday.

Terry: I can't believe she would do that to you, dude, that girl is such a fig.
by FrottyPebbles July 11, 2017
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(v.) Figging, Figged.
To "fig" is the act of taking a Fig Newton (the disgusting old people snack) and throwing it at the object of target.
Girl: "I really hate my teacher"
Guy: "Let's fig him!"
by teddybearattacker May 17, 2011
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Look at the Figs over there, I don't understand what they are doing. As a Sparky I have a 50% chance of wiring this motor right.
by JoshRizzler August 31, 2017
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A common word used in Southern terminology which is short for the word Fig Newton (Tasty cakeflavored snacks).
Ayorta passme one o' dem dare figs.
by Mikita April 15, 2004
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