1. A M.F. who's too cheap to use toilet paper.

2. A fartaholic!

3. Homo's after the action.

4. An asshole in need of INEXPENSIVE soap and water!
What is it with Carl! Did he run out of toilet paper, have brussel sprouts for lunch, or did Bruce give it to him in the bathroom? At least he could go wash his ass in the bathroom! Water's free here! UUUUUgh!!!!!
by 3c January 11, 2004
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A foul smelled penis, usually has an excessive amount of smegma built up around the tip.
Tyrone: God damn dirty Joe, you got one stinky ass cock!
Dirty Joe: Shut the fuck up, you like that shit.
by Stinky Nigger Dick September 19, 2017
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An ass, of a large variety, which also has an unpleasant scent.
A: yo, you got a big stinky ass.
B: oh, it is pretty big but I never smelt it.
A: yea.
by Definite bitch January 10, 2021
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The smell of the finger used to twirl and give anal relief for an itchy asshole.
After Bob got anal relief for his itchy asshole by twirling his middle finger his butt, his girlfriend Sarah commented on the offensive odor from Bob's stinky ass buttfinger...
by K-Krunk November 1, 2017
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When someone has a nice day ass but it's smells really bad
Danm she has a stinky apple ass it looks so good but smells so bad
by #best definitions September 28, 2020
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