Like Damn. A hilarious spelling error that deserves its own definition
Yo, did you hear, Bobby has a disease

by Min yunki September 1, 2020
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Damn bro ehere z poopo
Danm s bro he s hot
by Asad boi January 23, 2019
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A word that means oh dear or good heavens. It could also mean that you made a mistake or when you emphasize about something strongly
“Where’s that danm chaos emerald?” Or “Danmgit”
by Dr. Smart guy April 22, 2022
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swear word that IS EXISTANT.

Even if Joey doesn't think so.
by Stryder March 3, 2005
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"danme that's really how it be sometimes"
by Sleepa November 22, 2018
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almost fire but not fire yet
friend 1: i got into my audition
friend 2: danm thats kinda fire
by kinda fire May 15, 2019
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