A beautiful girl with a gorgeous personality (funny, kind, sweet etc) She is everything u want in a Friend, BestFriend and Girlfriend. Kiara is such a lovely person & will always cheer u up when you’re sad and she always makes u laugh. She is very chill & she would be the coolest person once u meet her, she makes many friends and everyone has to LOVE being around her. altho it seems like she has a hard personality, she is very emotionally fragile as she wears her heart on her sleeves & trusts too many people that she ends up getting hurt. She always try to be kind and to help others as much as she can but she is very energetic along with lazy. She gives the best advice ever so u should always go to her for help, in whatever situation she will be there. Even tho she is a sweet hearted person she also doesn’t care and let’s life throw anything at her, always looking for fun, Kiara tends to get in trouble for taking chances and trying new things since she is very adventurous and dare devil-y, she always stands up for what she believes in & she is not afraid to put up a fight. Be careful tho, break her and she will never let it go, she may forgive u but she will NEVER let it go. She is also very pretty, smart and intelligent, and the one thing u HAVE to love about her, is her smile, her slime lights up the room & u just want to start smiling. She is shy at first and weird but she’s just a perfect imperfect person.
{also to mention she has a really nice booty🍑}
Guy: “Omg did you see that new girl

Girl: “Yeah she must be a Kiara, she’s so perfect but-“
Guy; “But-not, Yeah i know she’s amazing though”

Girl: “Let’s go talk to her”

Guy: “Ok let’s go”
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Kiara is the most beautiful woman you'll ever meet inside and out. No matter how hard you try you'll never quite figure her out but she does everything for a reason and it's often backwards, shes smart brilliantly funny and has a smile that lights up the whole room! Kiara is a true Queen shes truly the best at any sport she plays and makes everything she does look good! Shes fiesty and a little bit crazy but shes loyal with a heart of gold, if I had a kiara I'd never let her go, her energy is absolutely unique in ways the rest of the world couldn't possibly understand, shes my best friend, my reason to breath and though shes only 5'2" she still stands taller than the rest of you. Shes fearless and quick witted sexy and seductive strong and sensitive, shes always the center of attention but doesn't seek it, shes a great conversater and the smartest lady I know! Shes genuine and always kind except for when shes hurting and who wouldn't be? You you ever meet kiara watch out shes hard to keep up with and her beauty is rather intimidating but really shes the best person anyone could ever find and shes all mine and her booty🍑🍒
Over there it's kiara the Queen of the Universe!.
by Diebyfaith June 17, 2019
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Kiara is the sexiest💕she can handle anything that comes her way!she is really good at any sports🎽she can be mean and nice at the same time..she will be really good with a tommy. She is the most sweetest person in the world any guy would be lucky to have her.
by Gojesasef April 18, 2017
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Kiaras are usualy really chill people. They are the coolest people once you get to know them. Although, they put this wall up to new people they are some of the nicest people in the world. They know how to crack the perfect jokes at just the right time. They can make you laugh no matter what, when your sad you can count on them to cheer you up, and make you laugh. Kiaras give some of the best advise, so whenever you need help you can look to them. Even though they are sweet hearted people, they really dont care about much. they let life throw whatever it wants at them without breaking a sweat. Always looking for fun, Kiaras tend to get into trouble for taking chances at trying new things that they probly shouldnt attempt. With no fears of getting into a fight, they stand up for what they belive in. They wont let anybody get under their skin easily, and deffinatly wont let people boss them around or use them in anyway. Plus, Kiaras tend to be verry pretty, and have a nice body due to being very athletic.
Emily-You know that girl kiara? She seems like a really mean person
Jenna- Shes really not, once you get to know her shes really funny and a good friend.
by MTVfreak(: January 8, 2011
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Kiara is a bad ass bitch. She is smart, strong, sexy and unique. Although kiara is mostly nice, she also has a bad side. Do not bring out that side of her because you WILL regret it. She is NOT the one to mess with i'm telling you. Kiara can be really shy at first but once you get to know her she will get more confortable with you. Kiara has gotten her heart broken a lot in the past so if you date a kiara do not hurt her, it will effect her really bad because kiara's tend to be really emotional people. She HATES cheaters and Liars. These people are dead drop BEAUTIFUL, one look into her cute face and you INSTANTLY fall in love. For any guys that will date kiara in the future, i'm going to warn you, she is really FREAKY, she might even do it on the first date. You might not be able to handle her so be careful. Do not even TRY a kiara, she will end your whole career sis. Kiaras are the DEFINITION of a bad bitch. She got nice hair, nice eyes, nice legs and i'm not gonna lie... She got some good booty. If you know a kiara in your life, you might have just won the lottery
Guy 1: yo dude
Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: do you see that sexy chick ova there with that nice ass?
Guy 2: oh yeah, that must be a kiara🍑
by Classifiedbumbitch August 29, 2020
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Kiara might be short as hell but DAMNNNNN that mf fiesty!! U don’t wanna get kicked in the shins by them!!!

Kiara is a vibe fr. Being in their presence makes everything feel okay again.

They have the best humour and their docs are so cool!!!
Just don’t let them kick u! And always give them a hit of ur vape!!
Kiara is a bottom /j
by Jakob B October 7, 2021
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Beautiful girl, always nice and funny and will always cheer you up when you have sad
Also a great person to be around, just someone you HAVE to love.
Kiara cheered me up when I had sad
I love Kiara
by iloveyourly August 27, 2008
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