An ass that is shaped like an apple.

A complement given to someone with a nice ass
Blank has an apple ass that drives his girlfriend crazy
by 123321 August 3, 2004
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The condition of having a dry, shit-encrusted asshole, resulting from being distracted with an iPhone or iPad on the toilet for so long, that the shit around your asshole dries before you wipe it.
"I sent so many texts on the shitter that I got Apple Ass again."

"I should never go onto Facebook when I'm on the can because I always lose track of time and get Apple Ass."
by gregorator November 13, 2011
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When someone has a nice day ass but it's smells really bad
Danm she has a stinky apple ass it looks so good but smells so bad
by #best definitions September 28, 2020
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When Robespierre shoved an apple up someones ass and the cut their head off with a guillotine.
Did you hear that Jim got ass appled?
by God Left Us May 6, 2019
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roids so big they look like a grove of apples
that bitch bent over and i could see her damn ass apples
by tnxanadu April 18, 2005
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1. Ass apple is the hard chunk of shit holding in your beer shits from last night’s drunk fest. The ass apple’s plop announces the coming shit storm.

2. An ass apple is a piece of fruit shoved up someone’s ass, popular amongst vegans and vegetarians to control the constant flow of gas from their asses.
After a long night of Busch Light and bjs, Lily was trying to be quiet in the bathroom stall, but as the ass apple plopped, she knew the ass raspberries would trumpet her presence.
by Originaljeffy October 3, 2017
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