3 definitions by K-Krunk

The only known treatment for condition known as cranial rectitis which involves removing the head from the rectum to cure the shitty outlook caused by this malady.
Sara told Bob if he doesn't clear up his shity attitude she will request that Bob's doctor perform a rectal pupil optomy on him.
by K-Krunk November 5, 2017
The smell of the finger used to twirl and give anal relief for an itchy asshole.
After Bob got anal relief for his itchy asshole by twirling his middle finger his butt, his girlfriend Sarah commented on the offensive odor from Bob's stinky ass buttfinger...
by K-Krunk November 1, 2017
A severe medical condition caused by excessive arrogance and ignorance resulting in one's head becoming lodged into their anal rectal region.
My customer was yelling and belittling me . I determined he suffered from Cranial Rectitus.
by K-Krunk November 5, 2017