A Dirty Joe is when you're performing anal sex and the recipient farts on the penis of the giver.
A guy is doing a girl in the ass and during the process she farts on his dick; giving him a Dirty Joe.
by Tony Tollefson February 1, 2008
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When a Big Black guy puts peanut butter and jelly on his balls and t-bags an Asian midget, While listening to "low rider"
Did you hear that noise last night, it sounded like a "dirty joe"
by Jkdeeznuts April 28, 2022
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A Old Man Who’s Fetish Is Smelling Young Children
by TrollLol6969 November 25, 2021
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The act of sticking your head inside ur hoes ass and revolving your head around like a microwave whilst in the church bathroom
I heard he did the dirty joe on his niece last weekend
by Big sick james October 5, 2020
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When you are doing a girl and you spit on their back and they turn around and then you dick slap them and cum goes all over their face. Normally done to someone you wont see again
Man that girl got too loud so i gave her a Dirty Joe
by King Joe June 5, 2006
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When your so religious you bust a nut for Jesus
I’m so ready for church I’m going to bust a dirty joe!
by Shwettyballs99 December 26, 2020
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