Slang. To fail to tip an employee that is normally tipped, such as bar and restaurant wait-staff, pizza delivery drivers, hairstylists/barbers, taxi drivers, etc.
Verb: "He (erroneously) thinks the pizza driver gets the "delivery charge", so stiffs them!"
Noun: Stiffs at a bar find themselves thirstier than the good tippers.
by blonde one December 17, 2006
those with extremely little imagination that label the more imaginative as "retarded" (ie: mentally "challenged" **('politically correct!')

we knew them as the "straight people" when i was a young, budding "hop head"(1969) they were the folks who were scared "shitless" of smoking that old bad "BOO" (marijuana)

if you DARED to be an imaginative, or 'artful' kind of thinker, the stiff's were QUICK to let you know you were "not of my kind" and didn't belong !! often, they were rabid religion embracers! (TRUE god = MONEY!!) nowadays, i like to think of THEM as the "slows" !
jane "cut" a HUGE belch! , and the stiffs looked at her like she was from MARS ! , we all split our sides laughing !!

it was always fun to annoy the stiffs wherever we were ! , SO easy! , and such a big YUK !!

we put a cigarette load in one of the stiffs sticks! , WHAT a laugh riot THAT was !
by michael foolsley January 6, 2022
50's slang, no longer commonly used..
"i can just see the phony bastard shifting into first gear and asking Jesus to send him a few more stiffs" (salinger 17)
by pbbt September 26, 2007
that fit girl at running club, she thinks everything is a race
and is really scabby
shes a devil in the bedroom
stiffs is a sperm burping tavern wench!
by soapysparkles March 18, 2008
A phrase to yell when things are going well.
When Jake was doing well at Tetris he yelled "Stiff as!"
by nachoworm February 19, 2010
Used to describe a strong alcoholic drink. The more stiff the drink is, the more alcohol there is in it.
Man this drink is fucking stiff. Five ounces of 5 o'clock vodka and five ounces of Kool-Aid lemonade.
by Filthy Sally February 12, 2007
It’s the way you carry yourself , with an untouchable swag that can’t be messed with through ones every step and decision.
Bro that outfit is stiff as fuck bro!!
by STIFFBOY March 13, 2019