Top/head or brain to give or receive.
She said she gave me stiff I never touched that bi*h
by Young Zammy July 5, 2017
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Someone (a guy) that doesn't want to talk to/pursue girls and would rather stand by themselves, thus being a stiff.
Wow, Kevin was a stiff again and stayed in the corner as a hot girl danced by herself.
by fernandoalejandro May 27, 2010
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1. To cheat (someone) of something owed.

2. To fail to give or supply (something expected or promised).
If you do too much for people, they'll stiff you more than repay you.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant October 1, 2005
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It’s the way you carry yourself , with an untouchable swag that can’t be messed with through ones every step and decision.
Bro that outfit is stiff as fuck bro!!
by STIFFBOY March 13, 2019
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Orinating in the south. Meaning to be cool or dope. Synomous with the terms: “live”, or “hard”.
Man 1: “Ayyyyyy bro you seen that that drop top bentley coupe that we just passed?”

Man 2: “Hell yea foe that hoe was stiff af”
by TOMMY HILNIGGA April 7, 2019
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1. Lame
2. Loser
3. Bum
4. Clown
5. Senseless
6. Wack
1. That guy is so stiff in basketball
2. That fool's clothes are so stiff.
3. _____ was so stiff trying to make a move on my sister.
by Stiff Guy January 19, 2009
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A term used for stuck up females. They never answer your calls, they ignore your text messages and they have you added on Facebook but don't acknowledge or say nothing to you when they see you out in the public eye unless you say HEY first. Attention whores who give no "PLAY" to only boost up their own low self-esteem by allowing the guy to endlessly chase them with no hopes of ever building a REAL friendship/relationship. The type of chick that will give out her number when you ask for it just for the hell of it to mislead the guy and to boost her own morale. These females are usually damaged-goods. They've been hurt in the past, and they usually have a lot of male friends.
Rambo: (Texting some girl who hasn't been replying back to his text message lately) "Man Cornelius, these hoes be acting stiff."

Cornelius: "They be acting stiff Rambo?" (Not an actual question, but almost like agreeing). "I told you these hoes ain't worth your time man, delete her number, leave them alone, they're nothing but attention whores who just want to mentally build themselves up."
by Rambooooo March 20, 2013
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