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people that oppressed LGBTQ people for a long period of time and now they're acting they're the real victim of oppression.
LGBTQ ppl: Happy Pride Month my fellow gay/trans people! Love yall and take care!
Don't let a wussy ass straight people ruin your day!

Straight ppl: uhhhh we deserve a pride month too you know!! It's not fair!! We've been oppressed too *cries*

LGBTQ ppl: lol silly straight people. Aren't they funny?
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Straight People

People who are better in everyway compared to thoes LGBTQ mental health retards.

LGBTQ people hate them, and for good reason.

LGBTQ ppl: You can not say that, you have just hurt my feelings.

Straight ppl: I don't care what your feelings are, I base what I say on pure facts.


In short, Straight People do not go around having to announce that they are straight, and they don't seek special privileges based on there sexual origination.
Straight People are the best.
by Maximus Biggus July 01, 2019
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People whose attracted to the opposite sex and expects everyone to be like them. Also people who think they are superior and entitled to every sexuality. Typically known by the LGBT community as the people that invented homophobia and responsible for their marginalization
Straight People : *Makes out in public*
Everyone : *NOBODY CARES*
Gay People : *Holds His/Her spouses hand*
Straight People : Ughh stop shoving your homosexual lifestyle down our throats!!
Gay People : We’ll stop when y’all stop kissing, holding hands and groping in public for all the poor kids too see and also shoving it down our throats
Straight People : *TRIGGERED*-
by TriggerWarning September 02, 2019
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