Appended to a hard-sounding single-syllabled word to make it more softer sounding and more friendly and light, but without changing its meaning. Sometimes preceded by a similar sounding irrelevant words for dramatic effect. Usage originates from the North of England.
Get the pot on. I'm ready for a brewster.

Isn't that train duester by now? I've been waiting ages.

Wait for me. I need the bogster before we go for the chipsters.

Get the ale in, you knobster
by noddy330 June 23, 2009
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suffix. (your first name here)ster. An easy nickname labeled on yourself or colleagues commonly used to emphasize said individuals's aura. A person that oozes their own personality.
by rickster June 11, 2003
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A sick little ending that fits on almost any word to increase its cool factor.
Just add 'ster!
dork ---> dorkster!
dweeb -> dweebster!
fag -----> fagster!
Makes it cool!
by veronicalovin August 28, 2009
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Slang originating from Oakville, meaning to chew tobacco
Yo randy lets pack a 'ster

Can you toss me a 'ster man?
by Slengy45 October 30, 2013
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Yo! Sorry I couldn’t pick up the phone, I was droppin a ster.
by Tbaby Juan September 23, 2022
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Ster, originally invented by Shri Ganeshram. A shortened version of gangster, this word was originally used to describe him. The catchiness of the phrase has grown among the members of pop culture. The "im a ster" rap song was written by Ster (shri) who considers himself a "rapster".
Shri: Ay foo, I aint no thug, i'm a ster. A rock ster, a rap ster, and a pop ster.
by shrig94 March 17, 2010
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(multiple) bomb ass idol franchises with great characters, epical music and a great storyline and games and art and merch and...
get into it now
person 1: yooo do you know if idolm@ster cgss still didn't give nagisa aino her SSR?
person 2: nah they didn't, jackasses
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