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the absolute best idolm@ster cinderella girls idol. a massive butch icon and a super soft character in general. she has to get her voice as soon as possible so she can take over the franchise
cultured person: damn! i just got saki yoshioka's ssr! i've been pulling for it since 2019!
uncultured person: who the fuck is this rin hoshizora looking ass? saki yoshioka? girl i wanted rin shibuya's ssr5 (rin sucks ass btw)
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(multiple) bomb ass idol franchises with great characters, epical music and a great storyline and games and art and merch and...
get into it now
person 1: yooo do you know if idolm@ster cgss still didn't give nagisa aino her SSR?
person 2: nah they didn't, jackasses
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the best, hottest, coolest and most handsome anime waifu ever. i hope she shoves her guitar up my ass
riina tada: OHHHHHH NATSUKICHI KAKKOII!!! *dies*
me: yeah same bro...
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that hot rock butch icon from idolm@ster cinderella girls. literally one of the best anime women to exist (ps. dariinatsu is the best ship)
person 1: yooo have namco already released the new natsuki kimura ssr?
person 2: nah, they can't do anything right
Riina Tada: eh? did someone say natsukichi?!?!?!
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