your dressed very nicely , lookin good
aj : your droppin man
cj : thank you
by racheee- babeee-123 July 11, 2008
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"Checking in" on facebook from your smart phone. It "drops a pin" on the timeline map, showing where you are. Some people try to "drop as many pins" as possible over the weekend, so others think they have a really active social life.
Maria: I can't wait to go on vacation to New Orleans next week.

Tammy: Me neither! I'll be droppin pins all over the Gulf shore!
by Vitamin Tee May 30, 2012
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Jealous. Arose from an accusation of a person who walked into a nice house, became jealous of the homeowners, and then secretly began dropping oil on the carpet and ruining it, leaving the owners to wonder where the mysterious oil spots came from.
1. Adjective: She and I both used to be cool, but she's been droppin' oil ever since she was fired from the warehouse.

2. Verb: He started droppin' oil after finding out his best friend is dating his ex.
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To throw down; to drop knowledge/bombs/etc; to lay down the god damn sauce; to reveal information; or to make rapid advancements upon previously unknown prey.
Emmett: Yo, bro, I was fuckin' droppin' hammers last night!!
Me: What'd you do?
Emmett: I told this girl, she should be suckin' my dick, and then SHE WAS!

Mac: Yo, so I told this bitch what was up.
by Mackles200 July 17, 2012
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To be livin' large, and excessively so. Often times used in collaboration with "make it rain," "spendin dollas," and "stunna shades." Mostly colloquial use, but gaining steam in the Northeast, almost becoming a common term.
Kid 1: Daaaamn look at that kid lookin' fly in them jorts with the stunna shades on and radio bumpin.
Kid 2: Gadzooks! I ain't neva seen somebody droppin waffles like him.
by rts944444 May 5, 2009
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To fart with either extreme stench (room-clearing) or a fart of epic proportions
Dude i ate too much at Taco Bell earlier - I feel like Droppin' a Seibel...
by Blonde Haired Midget January 12, 2011
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"Droppin' Plates" refers to records, when used by the recording industry. Droppin' a plate means either throwing a record down on a turntable or taunting with gold records. "Dub plates" are commonly used by DJ's as a one-off copy for their own use. Though mostly used in Reggae, Hip-Hop or Dance Hall music, they're used in virtually any genre.

In summary, it means throwing down records.
"Wew Here we go again, get up
A little somethin' for your earhole, get up
baring a part of my soul again, get up
Disturbed in the house, were droppin' plates"
"Gonna fight the war
And use my music as a weapon"

-Disturbed - Droppin' Plates.
by Mat Barry February 26, 2007
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