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Women don't have jocks like men, so Jockginas are used to refer to their jocks. This is not sexual innuendo or meaning. Invented originally by Shri G.
Shri: "If you don't get off my jock, I'll get on your's!"
Karen: "Haha, I don't have a jock!"
Shri: "I'll get on your jockgina!"
by Shrig94 January 15, 2010

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Ster, originally invented by Shri Ganeshram. A shortened version of gangster, this word was originally used to describe him. The catchiness of the phrase has grown among the members of pop culture. The "im a ster" rap song was written by Ster (shri) who considers himself a "rapster".
Shri: Ay foo, I aint no thug, i'm a ster. A rock ster, a rap ster, and a pop ster.
by shrig94 March 17, 2010

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