12 definitions by veronicalovin

Someone who is dumb, or can't catch the obvious.
Him: What re you guys talking about?
Me: You, you fricken Dumbledore.
by veronicalovin September 4, 2009
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A goofball, a dork, a silly or funny person, someone who fools around, an L7 wiener!
The boy who farted in church was a total dweebster
by veronicalovin August 28, 2009
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Thai for fun or happiness, also a brand of shoes that have a shoe upper on a sandal bottom, extremely comfortable and pretty cute too. Worn commonly among surfers and beach-goers.
Guy 1: Woah man, those are some sick shoes, what are they?!
Guy 2: They're Sanuks!
by veronicalovin August 31, 2009
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A guy who thinks that he is particularly harass or bad, but he is actually a joke. A real doucher.
Guy1: I'll mess you up!!
Guy2: Whatever, billy badass..
by veronicalovin August 28, 2009
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The numbers of the letters of the alphabet that spell the word "settle" as in "settle down". By saying this to someone, they will stop doing whatever they are doing to figure out what the numbers mean, thus settling down.
Guy 2: 19-5-20-20-12-5
Guy 1: Wait, what? *starts counting*
by veronicalovin October 24, 2009
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When something is turned to rubble as in Barney Rubble.
Guy one: I just totally got in a car accident
Guy two: Homeboy! Your car is totally barney'd!
by veronicalovin September 6, 2009
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A contraction of the words "gay" and "flip-flops" meaning flip-flops worn by men.
Ew, his feet are so white, that man should not wear gayflops.
by veronicalovin July 25, 2009
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