The measure of how good a party is going to be, depending on who is going to be there.

The right mix of people to make a party or a poker game tolerable.
Dennis: Hey Mark, you coming to my party tonight?
Mark: What's the cool factor?
Dennis: Jeff, Bill and Sean will be there.
Mark: Good

I'm going to cash's house tonight to play holdem, the cool factor is going to be off the charts!
by cheeks1128yahoo February 4, 2010
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A measure by which you define just how cool a person really is: an 11, off the chain, or un-cool: a 0 lame . You can do this when your out, just by stating a number to your best buds coolness factor 11 who get the drill. Then, the clueless person is in the darkas to wtf you are talking about...unless they think they were the univited guest at your belching contest lol... as same rating scale applies.
For Instance: There are two Robert Hunter's, if you read the following:

"Robert Hunter, lyricist for the Grateful Dead, and solo performer, whose performance is heard here, and Robert Hunter, poet, author, journalist and co-founder of GreenPeace, whose picture is shown here, are two different people. Greenpeace's Bob Hunter lived in Vancouver BC. He is shown here sailing on the Phyllis Carmack on the way to protest US nuke testing in Alaska. He died of cancer in 2005. Singer-songwriter Robert Hunter is from San Fransisco Cal., and is still alive."

- I'd, their Coolness Factor is a draw , as well as off the charts! 11 ... the Urban Dictionary Definition of Draw is an off the chain co-incidence - look up UD definitions of draw, and the other words in brackets, that are already defined... and your coolness factor will increase ! some words in brackets may just not have been properly defined yet, so you can help there! lmao The more brackets with UD definitions, the higher your coolness factor - unless you plan to put your own twist on those definitions later.
by Coop Keeper November 16, 2013
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