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Appended to a hard-sounding single-syllabled word to make it more softer sounding and more friendly and light, but without changing its meaning. Sometimes preceded by a similar sounding irrelevant words for dramatic effect. Usage originates from the North of England.
Get the pot on. I'm ready for a brewster.

Isn't that train duester by now? I've been waiting ages.

Wait for me. I need the bogster before we go for the chipsters.

Get the ale in, you knobster
by noddy330 June 23, 2009

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Not capable of being able to be passed though the duct, tube or tubular hole.
I just can't get that speaker cable through that hole in the wall - its inductable.
by Noddy330 June 19, 2009

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friendly response to a mate when they have done something stupid or out of character
mate1: I've nodded off, and spilt me beer down me kecks
mate2: You obin nobin gobin dobin. Here, take half of mine.

chum1: I was tricked into selling Mayfair last night when playing Monopoly at me bird's house.
chum2: You obin nobin gobin dobin! Wot did I tell you - never sell the blues! Man alive!
by noddy330 June 21, 2009

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An alternative name for a brew (a drink of tea or coffee)
Often preceded by several rhyming nonsense words
Brewster anyone?

Get the pot on. I'm ready for a diskster dockster dewster brewster
by noddy330 June 23, 2009

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Added to the end of a sentence, when in a conversation with a mate and in unusual company, to secretly direct your mate's attention to approaching person(s).

LUIGI = Look Up Instantly - Girls/Guys Incoming.
mate1: did you see those two guys with the sack?
mate2: they look very suspicious, luigi
by noddy330 June 26, 2009

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Use of many word with the same meaning when just one would do, to add humor to an email or conversation
I've got enough nominations so I'm closing, completing, concluding, finishing, finishing off, finalizing, winding up, wrapping up, terminating, polishing off, ending, and stopping the list

That guy with the talking suitcase is mad, crazy, nutty, loony, loopy, wacko, bonkers, demented, dotty, gaga, headcase, nutcase, fruitcase, suitcase, screwball, etc, etc;

Cheers, Prost, Gayola, Na zdraví, Skål, Slainte, and everything, and stuff, and all that.

Ace, first-rate, spiffing, super, wicked, wizzo, and everything, and stuff, and all that.

That's enough redundipition and repidundant
by noddy330 June 23, 2009

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A disparaging comment to someone who has just behaved in an idiotic or incompetent way
nob1: Oh no! I've just put that new wallpaper on upside down
nob2: Well, you know what they say - Typhoo put the T in Britain, and you put the T in idiot
by noddy330 June 22, 2009

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