Usually a bad man who tricks a single woman with kids into marrying him because he says he will not try to discipline her children and will only enjoy being with them. Once these 2 people buy a house together, the stepfather turns into a complete asshole. He threatens to kick out his new wife's oldest son a lot because that son sees right through his bullshit. Does not respect the children of his wife, and in my mom's case, doesn't even respect his wife. Will threaten to hurt the boys in the family, but is usually too much of a pussy to even throw a punch. Has a God complex and expects his stepchildren to respect him while he shows their mother the utmost disrespect. The second man to ruin my family and we celebrated when we moved out of that house and away from him.
Stepfather: You need to learn some respect.
My sister: Why should I respect someone that doesn't respect my mother.
by imtheworstchildever January 23, 2011
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When a MILF gives you head, then you cum in her mouth, after she swallows she kisses her kids goodnight.
Hey she totally pulled a stepfather last night
by lethal weapon2 January 26, 2011
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n. One who doesn't feel like he needs forgiveness for physt-abuse and arrested development which has led to emotional confusion for the recipient in adulthood. One who also shifts the blame for a divorce due to suppressed guilt on this same individual, because a passive mother is awakened. A stepfather is only in the past, but visits sub-consciously in the step-sons/daughters life when presented with possible life-changing events in his or her path. A human who must be forgiven, so I can "be".
A stepfather is only human and not a God.
by Barnwear July 17, 2006
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A man that brainwashed your mother, gold digs her through the whole marriage, even as far as knocking you off her inheritance, makes your real dad broke, shits on your real dad by using his child support for whatever the fuck he wants or to screw over his ex in a lawsuit, constantly brags about how all you kids should feel humbled because he puts you on his insurance even though it was first your mom’s, but he convinces your mom to put him at the top of everything because the husband comes first, and then he treats your mom like shit and manipulates her, and your mom is so in love with him (gets dick) that she doesn’t defend you who is just a constant reminder of her ex and threatens to kick you out because of him and or will always deny your feelings or views even if it is because you do not like her being disrespected by him. He will say he is tough on her because he loves her and the mom buys it because she is 50 something and is desperate for sex. So stepfather yeah an asshole who fucks your mom and fucks your life.
Kid at school: Yo man why you walking around with holes in your pants?
Stepkid: because, my mom is giving my child support to my stepfather to fund his lawsuit with his ex.
Kid: oh shit no wonder kids always hate the stepfather.
Stepkid: Yeah my mom is literally a retarded nympho. Now he wants to throw me out.
by Thatbratovertheresharon July 16, 2020
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An egotistical, sycophantic, asshole that said he is a recovering alcoholic and drug user, and a complete control freak that always dishes out threats that his ass can't pay. He is responsible for the many metal and physical damages that my mother has suffered in this fucking state.
Mom: it's because of you I'm going to lose my kid after I just got them back.

Stepfather: it's not my fault that those fucking pricks left you and its your fault that I'm leaving too I'll send for my shit you bitch! !
by Marine1963grandson June 25, 2014
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A man, sometimes with the best of intentions, who falls in love with and marries a woman with children. Someone that everyone gangs up on and that will never belong even if he treats everyone very well. Step-fathers-mothers-brothers-sisters aren't necessarily "wicked" because of their behavior, but are because of the nature of the situation. Some stepfathers are messed up, but some aren't and are mistreated by the majority of the household. Years of hurt sometimes surface as anger and everything falls apart. Unfortunately, divorce is necessary in some cases.
Stepfathers aren't all bad.
by marriage is outdated July 22, 2009
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A comedic request line from an older man to younger woman.
Do you want me to be the wicked stepfather you never had?
by I, Wreckerrr November 5, 2016
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