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the involvemet of telling someone to have a good night.
i am going to bed now *yawn* goodnight.
by the wind is changing September 01, 2005
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A good night is when the lady you just had sex with calls you up and tells you shes not pregnant.
Nate-So did she call you again
LS-Yup nate its a good night
by Nasty Nate the Dragon Slayer August 20, 2009
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(interjection)meaning...OMG, damn, dammit, etc.
It can be used to express joy, disbelief, and sarcasm.
Goodnight!, did he really just ask me that?

J: "I dont want you hanging with her."

T: "Goodnight"
by Neeski June 05, 2009
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What you say at night when your friends won't stop texting and you just want to binge watch Netflix or YouTube
Group chat: *random texts* (x1,000,000)
Person in chat: GoodNight
by Blimpy the corny girl April 11, 2015
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a way to bid someone a good night, with the hidden meaning/connotation that they secretly want to get in your pants.
Girl: I had such a great time tonight! Goodnight!

Guy: want to make it better?
Girl: your place 10 min!
by truedefinition January 14, 2013
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