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Usually a bad man who tricks a single woman with kids into marrying him because he says he will not try to discipline her children and will only enjoy being with them. Once these 2 people buy a house together, the stepfather turns into a complete asshole. He threatens to kick out his new wife's oldest son a lot because that son sees right through his bullshit. Does not respect the children of his wife, and in my mom's case, doesn't even respect his wife. Will threaten to hurt the boys in the family, but is usually too much of a pussy to even throw a punch. Has a God complex and expects his stepchildren to respect him while he shows their mother the utmost disrespect. The second man to ruin my family and we celebrated when we moved out of that house and away from him.
Stepfather: You need to learn some respect.
My sister: Why should I respect someone that doesn't respect my mother.
by imtheworstchildever January 23, 2011

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