A female who prides herself in independence and freedom. She is the life of the party, and the inventor of fun! She lives an exciting, fast-paced life which many envy. However, late at night when her head hits the pillow, she dreams of finding that person with whom to share her life of hopes, dreams, disappointments, and adventures.
"Are you going to Sofia's party? She's one of the last single woman we know! It'll be exciting!"

"Today's single woman is so rad! She can have it all; nothing slows her down."
by SillyFreeBird September 16, 2013
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A woman who is married, but her husband is never home having his own hobbies etc. They meet late night in their bedroom and maybe have sex if he is lucky. She is free to hang with her own friends and do her own hobbies. Basically, married but living single.
Someone asks: are you married? No, I'm a single married woman.
by A single married woman July 4, 2017
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