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1. very loyal and committed - adjective

2. Stop or restrict - verb
1. He was a staunch supporter of the cause

2. The medic staunched the flow of blood from the wound
by Haruspex July 16, 2008
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to stab, usually with a kife of glass
what hapens to cunts that ark up
you arkin' cunt? i'll staunch ya
by wellyyy October 20, 2010
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1. big, muscular
2. to (put the staunch on) as threatening/scaring them
3. to be smooth infront of girls
1. that blokes a staunch
2. i put the staunch on some kids yesterday
3. i saw u putting the staunch on those ladies
by eshayz! January 27, 2005
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To stand over some one; to scare and threaten some one
(standing infront of a person cracking your nuckles invoking fear in person at train station and them stepping back against fence) *next day*

"i hear you were trying to fucken staunch him at the station cracken your nuckles n shit"
by The accused June 23, 2004
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1. Large and Seaworthy (definition not used)

2. Just all out awsome, the best thing ever.

Usally used to describe food, games, movies or musicbut can also be used in thousands of other ways.
Devin: "That chicken parmi was so staunch"

Gazza: "Yer it was almost as staunch as Leborns 54 points

last night"
by Kevin....... November 07, 2009
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When someone comes by you or from behind and goes "KSSSSSS!" or "TSSSSSSS" really loud and sharp.

The sound is hard to explain but is easy to do (make a 'k' sound immediately followed with a long (1 second) 's' sound). At the same time you have to sort of quickly lunge your face towards theirs so it scares them more adding to the sound.

Also to make it easier for you, pretend to be talking to someone that is relatively behind the person you are going to staunch so that you will be a tad closer to the staunchee so that they will have less reaction time (they will sometimes have time to see you begin the staunch and start to duck straight away).

If you obviously see them flinch or blink massively then you yell "STAAAUUNCHEEDD!!!" and laugh loud.
Chit : "blahblahblah tom blah-KSSSSSSSS!!"
Staunchee: *mad flinches or something*
by Sam from NSC February 17, 2009
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noun. To steal, rack, pilfer, acquire illegally, borrow without asking and without intention to return.
"Did you see that fucker? He just staunched my phone!"
"Damn, your mates girlfriend is HOT!. Keep her away from me or she is so getting staunched..."
by rckthx August 09, 2006
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