to have been agressive towards somebody as if you wanted to fight them.
or to walk up to somebody to intimidate them.
This munter staunched up to me so a axed him,
and this little guy wanted to go me but then i just went over and staunched him and he ran off.
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(Bogan Australia slang term)

To adopt a pose (usually with one’s fists between their legs) and intense stare with the purpose of intimidating or degrading a weaker individual.
Jackson hunches his shoulders over and flexes his arms inwards so his fists hover just inside his out-turned knees. He locks manic eyes with Tom.

Tom: “Oh shit, cunt’s fuckin staunching me. I feel like such a shitcunt beta”
by Shut up smelly Reddit boy November 27, 2019
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1. very loyal and committed - adjective

2. Stop or restrict - verb
1. He was a staunch supporter of the cause

2. The medic staunched the flow of blood from the wound
by Haruspex July 16, 2008
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To be very strongly in favour of British traditions, specifically in regards to Rangers Football Club and Unionism.

Can refer to behaviour or a person's characteristics, or even items.
Very staunch lock screen you've got there
Ross is staunch as fuck, absolutely hates the tarriers
by KS1872 December 02, 2020
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to stab, usually with a kife of glass
what hapens to cunts that ark up
you arkin' cunt? i'll staunch ya
by wellyyy October 20, 2010
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To be in good shape, or to have good muscles
Person - "wow mate you're looking so staunch bro"
You - "yeah mate just out of the gym bro only go there so I can look staunch"
by MacLob July 31, 2018
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A person that bullies and confronts other people in a disrespectful manner to assert dominance over an area.
Person 1:’Farr that guy goes gym everyday’.
Person 2:’Yeah he’s been staunching people since’.
by boomz.the.saiyan March 11, 2020
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