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The Nerdocalypse is the coming Rapture like event, when nerds will randomly appear on mass and start chanting things like:
"the command line is power"
"linux rules"
The Nerdocalypse will be short lived though, as Nerds are weak and pathetic and should be put down on site. if you encounter a Nerd, kill them. Extremely. like drive over them in a tank and then turn around and blow up the remains. Fuck Nerds.
the Nerdocalypse is here, fucking nerds.
Nerd: When the Nerdocalypse comes, you will repent!

Normal: Fuck off Nerd.
by honneamise December 19, 2018
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The merging of two miythical beasts and an extinct one to create a beast that couldnt possibly exist, nor could it survive in the earthly realm, due to it being a cross of two mythical beasts and an extinct one. Frequently used when a unicorn search becomes beyond impossible.
What are you looking for? A DraDoUnidocornagon. Oh, good luck with that, I assume you are shopping then? Yes.
Oh look a not DraDoUnidocornagon
by honneamise November 19, 2022
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The process of entering a dodgy eatery and deliberately ingesting food that has clearly been contaminated by being spat on, having flies sit on the meat for extended periods of time and being left in a bain-marie for the better part of a week. It would be less painful eating rotten road kill from the center of the desert, infected with Malaria. The specific reason for doing this to yourself, and causing all this pain to oneself, is to simply get out of work. Bosses the world over hear many excuses from their employees, but intentional food poisoning, is the number one cause of "employee away on Monday again" disease. Employees suffering from this illness should be taken from their place of residence and shipped to a small island inhabited by cannibals and eaten so they understand what it feels like to give someone intentional food poisoning.
Not in again today? Intentional food poisoning again is it?
Did you hear about <insert hated workmate name here>? He gave him/herself intentional food poisoning
Intentional food poisoning is the number one cause of diabetes in fat cunts who dont want to work
If you think you have intentional food poisoning, then you should be dragged out and molested by a rabid pack of panthers on heat.
by honneamise December 2, 2018
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An if statement is a programming construct that executes logic based on application purpose. many people claim programming is difficult, but as can be seen by this very simple example, variables, functions and if statements all make sense once applied to a layman's terms use.

DECLARE person_you_hate = <insert name of hated person>
DECLARE disability = <insert name of disability>

if ($person_you_hate = $disability) then
do send-to-gas-chamber
do commit-suicide
end if

function send-to-gas-chamber{
do grab $person_you_hate
then shove $person_you_hate
then close door
then turn knob
watch gas kill $person_you_hate
return happy()}

function commit-suicide{
do grab $person_you_hate
then humiliate $person_you_hate
then hand $person_you_hate noose
then force $person_you_hate onto wonky table
watch $person_you_hate die
return happy()}
Im going to use an if statement to settle this dispute
Dammit man, im an if statement, not a Star Trek character
If statement = stupid then

do kill-yourself-for-reading-this

do shoot-a-small-furry-animal-for-fun
end if
by honneamise December 5, 2018
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An exit interview strategy applied to employers who are mentally handicapped and require assistance understanding the basics of people management. While exiting a companies employ, you should employ the “Nah mate, see ya” as your exit interview strategy. A standard exit interview interaction would go along these lines:

Receptionist: “What are you doing here?”
You: “Dropping my stuff off
Boss: “Can we have a chat please?”
You: “Nah mate, see ya”
Mic drop, exit front door
I gave my old boss a bit of the old “Nah mate see ya
“Can we talk about this please?”, “Nah mate, see ya”
by honneamise September 6, 2021
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Anaphalycticatardicon, or Urens Syndrome, named after the original host, is a rare disease that has only one known active case in the world.
With only one known case of Anaphalycticatardicon, very little information and research has been gathered about Urens Syndrome.
However more information is being gathered on a daily basis to develop a greater understanding of Urens Syndrome.
That guys has Anaphalycticatardicon
A recent outbreak of Anaphalycticatardicon was discovered in a small western Victorian town today
If you have Anaphalycticatardicon, you are probably a piece of shit and deserve to die
by honneamise April 16, 2018
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To beat the saber is to feed the chickens. Masturbation. It was coined by someone playing a gay arse game called Beat Saber, which is akin to masturbation.
Hey that guy is beating the saber
If you are feeling sad, you should beat the saber
If you beat the saber, yours a wanker
by honneamise June 6, 2018
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