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Anaphalycticatardicon, or Urens Syndrome, named after the original host, is a rare disease that has only one known active case in the world.
With only one known case of Anaphalycticatardicon, very little information and research has been gathered about Urens Syndrome.
However more information is being gathered on a daily basis to develop a greater understanding of Urens Syndrome.
That guys has Anaphalycticatardicon
A recent outbreak of Anaphalycticatardicon was discovered in a small western Victorian town today
If you have Anaphalycticatardicon, you are probably a piece of shit and deserve to die
by honneamise April 16, 2018
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COVAIDS-20 is a new strain of the recently released COViD-19 disease, which was formulated by a monkey, bat and human threesome, which then had a baby, a ManBatMonkey. This ManBatMonkey was then summarily caught, caged, sold and slaughtered in a Chinese wet market, because they could. The resulting illness spread faster than anything before it, but it was much more lethal than COViD-19, as it instantly turned people who contracted the illness gay and they had a burning desire to cross breed with animals. There is no known cure, except this disease has only affected stupid people, so only about 80% of the worlds population will be affected by the disease
There goes hat guy with COVAIDS-20 and his conclave of animals the sick, dirty, horrible, sweaty mongoloid
If I contracted COVAIDS-20, I would kill myself, because I'd be gay AND into bestiality
by honneamise April 14, 2020
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A new game that will surpass the Dragon Ball Z series and has VR in the pipeline
Have you heard about Dragon Ball D? Its going to be awesome
by honneamise October 28, 2018
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A rare off shoot from semen syndrome where the sufferer has in fact become mentally handicapped from sucking too much dick and swallowing loads of cum that comes from retarded people. these retarded people are in fact not as retarded as the cummee anymore, due to the volume of cum the cummee has swallowed and the levels of retardation the cummee has now obtained.
That dude has retarded semen syndrome
Wow what a spaz, i reckon he has retarded semen syndrome
Its rare that i see someone worse of than you mate, but that bloke over there, with retarded semen syndrome, hes fucked.
by honneamise October 24, 2018
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the rare and defined retard that is enormous in size and has Super Mega Ultra Nuclear AIDS
Good morning Retardicus Maximus
Hi Retardicus maximus
You suck Retardicus maximus
by honneamise April 10, 2018
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JSM or Job Security Measure is used by IT professionals everywhere to ensure they don't become irrelevant. It was made famous by a particular IT professional in the late 80s when he foresaw the coming Cloud and realised the only way forward was to become extremely relevant. His resulting piece of work, JSM for People Who Haven't Got A. Clue, is the defining document on how to avoid becoming irrelevant. Many IT professionals the world over, with no time to waste investing in training and certification have often found this book on JSM to be the way out of being intelligent
That was a terrific JSM you deployed on the network, very smart.
My boss used a JSM to shore up the next three years of his career, very impressive work
Every time I hear someone has used a JSM, I want to find them, dunk them in a vat of oil, torch them till there is nothing left, then feed there JSM fuelled remains to a flock of seagulls high on acid
by honneamise March 9, 2020
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RSSD or Random Stupid Statement Disorder is a common disease in the Information Technology field. Many lowly technicians have to deal with RSSD sufferers in the form of IT Managers, who have been promoted beyond their abilities. Many people believe the disease was only discovered because of the IT industry and if the IT industry was eradicated, then all RSSD sufferers would disappear as well. It is quite common for the particular sufferers to make random claims of technology not working only to see it work right in front of them, or try to fix something they understand little about and then proceed to make the situation worse. It is believed to have been diagnosed by someone in the IT field themselves, who has been immune to the disease due to his ability to read documentation and understand technology by learning. There has been only one known cure for these sub human carcass like, oxygen thieves and that is to take them out and apply the famous punishment from Port Arthurs penal colony days of being hung, drawn and quartered, because no one likes working with RSSD sufferers.
My boss said that “Oh no that won’t work because the L3 switch has a default gateway to an interface that points to the internet already”, he is clearly suffering from RSSD
My boss has RSSD, he claims that with a 4xDC arrangement, I should not replicate to all DCs, as this may overload Active Directory Sites and Services
by honneamise November 28, 2019
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