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The most poorly kept secret from the mormon secret temple ceremonies (derived from masonic ceremonies)

magic underwear (mormon garments) are a two piece set - like a T shirt and long shorts

This current design is the garment of choice for most mormons. Previous styles have had full length legs, collars, cuffs and some were one-piece (a 19th century onesie).

Obviously designed by a man in a patriarchal society, Women are expected to wear a Bra over the top of their mormon t-shirt.

There is nothing apparently special about the garments. they are almost always white, but the magic comes from masonic symbols embroidered onto them.
The symbols represent a Masonic Square (⅃) a masonic pair of drawing compasses (V) and a masonic level (-)

Despite protestations from mormons that the garments are not really 'magic', every mormon will have heard testimonies and stories from other cult members about how their garments have saved them from fire, cuts, animal bites and even gunshot wounds

for example Paul H Dunn - a mormon general authority (a high Mucky Muck) told how, in WW2, a hail of bullets ripped off all his clothes, but left his body and garments untouched..... Of course, Dunn's stories are no longer quoted by cult members since his stories about WW2 were exposed as complete lies in a national newspaper...
Ann dried off after her shower and quickly donned her magic underwear (mormon garments), before putting her black lacy bra over the top
by DutchCappedCrusader March 23, 2014
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Benny (Plural: Bennies)
A nickname given to people living on the Falkland Islands.
During the Falklands War, British troops noticed the similarities of many of the Falklands Islanders, to a Character from a British soap opera, ('Crossroads')

In this soap opera, Benny was a simple (mentally challenged) odd job man, known for wearing old knitted jumpers and a woolly bobble hat.

Military top brass stopped the soldiers calling the Islanders Bennies, so the soldiers started calling the Islanders 'Stills' (meaning, 'still Bennies')

The Falkland islands is still a major outpost for the British Military (mainly Navy) and the Islnders are still referred to as 'Bennies' and 'Stills'
"Is that a Benny on the Beach"
"Nope, just a walrus"
by DutchCappedCrusader May 27, 2014
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A nickname for a Member of any one of the Mormon sects LDS, FLDS or RLDS.

The name comes from the belief that God lives on a heavenly Body (a planet... or star!) called Kolob.

The reference is from Joseph Smith Junior's writings called 'The Book Of Abraham, which is part of the Mormon canon of scripture

The modern Mormon church doesn't mention Kolob much as the whole thing is a source of embarrassment, hence the nickname Kolobian is quite hurtful to mainstream mormons
You dont want to go to Salt Lake City, it's full of kolobians
by DutchCappedCrusader October 28, 2012
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Domina is a Latin word which means 'Mistress'

This is usually used in the context of BDSM Domination

There are several clubs which use this title as their name. These are almost all BDSM clubs with a FemDom (female domination) theme
Club Domina in north London has a lovely resident house domme
by DutchCappedCrusader January 10, 2014
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The Reformed church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. RLDS is an offshoot of the official Mormon church which split off after the death of Joseph Smith.

nowadays they prefer to use the title 'Community of Christ'

Brigham young took the official LDS church to Utah where they carried on with their practice of Polygamy until about 1890

The smaller RLDS - along with Joseph Smith's wife - did not approve of Polygamy and has never practised it

not to be confused with FLDS which was a later split - in Utah - of Mormons who wanted to carry on polygamy,y after the 1890 official LDS ban
Mary is RLDS and hates it when people mistake her for one of the fundamentalist polygamous groups
by DutchCappedCrusader October 28, 2012
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A Barnum Statement is a phrase used by conmen (for example a psychic) to try and make people think they have some deep insight into their psychology or life.
They are also commonly used in horoscopes

Barnum Statements are statements which most people will agree with, regarding themselves, while not realizing that almost every other person will also agree with them regarding their own lives

examples are:
"you have a good sense of humor, but not everyone sees it"
"you tend to think about things before taking action"
"You have had some major challenges in your life"
"you recently had a disagreement with someone you care for"
"The psychic told me that I was quite intelligent, but other people dont always see it"
"Sounds like she was just feeding you a Barnum Statement"
by DutchCappedCrusader June 12, 2014
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The instance of having TWO wives.

the clue is in the Prefix 'Bi' - meaning two.
Having multiple wives is known as 'Polygamy' - not Bigamy
When John married Lisa, he was still legally married to Danielle, even though they were separated. Therefore John had committed Bigamy by marrying Lisa
by DutchCappedCrusader May 30, 2015
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