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A nickname for Mormon underwear. this nickname is disliked by Mormons

Mormons who have been through the masonic 'Mormon endowment ceremony' wear special underwear which they call 'G's' or 'Garments'. every non-Mormon refers to them as 'magic underwear'.

they are an ugly 2 piece set - like long johns and a t shirt - which are white, with white embroidered masonic symbols on the breast and 1 knee. The symbols represent a masonic square (L), a compass(^) and a level (-).

Women wear bra and tights OVER the top of their magic underwear

despite protestations from Mormons about the nickname for their underwear, every Mormon will have heard stories from fellow Mormons about how their garments have protected them from all sorts of harm - fire, gunshots, animal bites, accidental cuts, etc

This is the reason they are referred to as 'Magic'.

basically, Mormons are wiling to ascribe magical status to their underwear, but get offended if anyone refers to them as such
Drying off after her shower, Ann quickly donned her magic underwear before putting on her black lacy bra over the top
by DutchCappedCrusader August 26, 2012

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Domina is a Latin word which means 'Mistress'

This is usually used in the context of BDSM Domination

There are several clubs which use this title as their name. These are almost all BDSM clubs with a FemDom (female domination) theme
Club Domina in north London has a lovely resident house domme
by DutchCappedCrusader January 10, 2014

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Magic underwear (mormon garments) are a two piece set of underwear, similar to a t-shirt and short long johns.
They are usually white and the magic comes from masonic symbols embroidered onto the chest, navel and knee area.

The symbols all come from Freemasonry, and represent a masonic set square, masonic compasses and masonic level.

Mormonism is a deeply patriarchal, misogynistic religion and this is well demonstrated by the female magic underwear - women are expected to wear a bra OVER THE TOP of their magic underwear. Some women will wear a sexy, lacy, coloured bra over the top of their passion-killing white garments.

Mormons like to downplay the 'magic' nature of their underwear and talk about "reminders of sacred ordinances", etc... However, every Mormon will have heard fellow mormons talk in hushed tones about how their underwear has saved them from fire, cuts, gunshot wounds and animal bites. This is why everyone refers to them as magic. and it is plainly ridiculous for mormons to deny the magical apsect
Mormon General Authority, Paul H Dunn often told how his magic underwear (mormon garments) protected his body from a hail of machine gun bullets in WW2
Ann's husband lustily watched as she stripped off. But, as she got down to her passion killer magic underwear (mormon garments), he turned over and exclaimed "I dont think we'll bother tonight"
by DutchCappedCrusader March 31, 2014

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Benny (Plural: Bennies)
A nickname given to people living on the Falkland Islands.
During the Falklands War, British troops noticed the similarities of many of the Falklands Islanders, to a Character from a British soap opera, ('Crossroads')

In this soap opera, Benny was a simple (mentally challenged) odd job man, known for wearing old knitted jumpers and a woolly bobble hat.

Military top brass stopped the soldiers calling the Islanders Bennies, so the soldiers started calling the Islanders 'Stills' (meaning, 'still Bennies')

The Falkland islands is still a major outpost for the British Military (mainly Navy) and the Islnders are still referred to as 'Bennies' and 'Stills'
"Is that a Benny on the Beach"
"Nope, just a walrus"
by DutchCappedCrusader May 27, 2014

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A Barnum Statement is a phrase used by conmen (for example a psychic) to try and make people think they have some deep insight into their psychology or life.
They are also commonly used in horoscopes

Barnum Statements are statements which most people will agree with, regarding themselves, while not realizing that almost every other person will also agree with them regarding their own lives

examples are:
"you have a good sense of humor, but not everyone sees it"
"you tend to think about things before taking action"
"You have had some major challenges in your life"
"you recently had a disagreement with someone you care for"
"The psychic told me that I was quite intelligent, but other people dont always see it"
"Sounds like she was just feeding you a Barnum Statement"
by DutchCappedCrusader June 12, 2014

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Lying for the Lord, is similar to lying for Jesus, but this phrase is particularly associated with the Mormon church (The church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints).

Lying for the Lord is when a Member of the Mormon church gives information which they know is false - or fails to admit to something which they know is true - to make their church seem better, or less corrupt (or less weird) than it really is

The Mormon tradition of lying for, or about, their religion goes back to the founder, Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith, in "Address of the Prophet—His Testimony Against the Dissenters at Nauvoo", delivered Sunday, May 26, 1844, Joseph Smith stated:

"What a thing it is for a man to be accused of committing adultery, and having seven wives, when I can only find one. I am the same man, and as innocent as I was fourteen years ago."

as the Mormon's own genealogical files will reveal, at this time Joseph Smith had many polygamous "wives"

this is not the first example of the Mormon church lying for the lord - it is simply the best known of many lies Propagated by the Mormon church, continuing throughout the whole history of the Mormon church.

Currently the Mormon church employes semi-official 'apologists' to try and defend themselves against the many sources which reveal the historical lies of the Church - semi official so the church can maintain 'plausible deniability'
"the Mormon religion is in no way related to masonry. It's just a religion, just like any other religion. (It's not a cult. I would know. I am Mormon.)"

"You know that's not true, and I think you're trying to make your church look better by Lying for the Lord"
by DutchCappedCrusader June 15, 2014

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A person who thinks they can work out the motives, actions and guilt of people involved in high profile media criminal cases, based only on media revelations and their limited imagination.

Derivation is from Lt Columbo (a fictional TV Homicide detective from the 70's and 80's) who always knew who the killer was, within 2 minutes of meeting them (although, because this was fiction, he was always right)

Armchair Columbo's exist in a simple world full of Black and white motives, stranger dangers and Paedophiles hiding behind every tree

They are more likely to be conversant with TV police dramas than real life, and will know a great deal about forensic science from such shows as CSI:NY and NCIS, without realizing that most of this is fiction
Tigerlily: On the news, it said the missing boy was fully dressed and walked out the front door. How could a 3 year old dress himself and open the front door? I reckon the parents must know a lot more than they are letting on
Vinnie: Oh Tigerlily, you're such an Armchair Columbo
by DutchCappedCrusader January 16, 2014

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