Singh is a title, middle name, or surname that means "lion" in Sanskrit. ... It has been adopted as a title by some Warriors, and mandated in the 18th century by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji
Damn look Singh is coming,Looks like A lion Coming Here
by @refundisillegal November 27, 2020
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Singh means lion,Singh is a surname used by Kshatriya-Rajputs as their middle name ex:"Xyz Singh Xyz" later every male Sikh started using Singh as their surnames but sikh rajputs as they were descendants from hindu rajputs
Prithviraj Singh Chauhan
Maharana Pratap Singh Sisodiya
Maharaj Jaswant Singh Sathore
by Varun Singh Rawat November 26, 2021
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The origins of the name Singh comes from Rajputs. It was originally a Rajput last name or middle name to denote the Hindu warrior caste. It was later adopted by Sikhs a couple centuries later. Many people are ignorant and do not know that Singh was first a Rajput name and then a Sikh last name.
Person A: Hey your last name is Singh, where's your turban?

Person B: I'm not a Sikh you ignorant fool, I'm a Rajput, we don't wear turbans!
by aboveignorance January 3, 2013
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Originally used to be a common surname for Hindu rajputs. Has become largely associated with the Sikh religion after the Sikhs adopted the last name from the Hindu Rajputs. Can now refer to Hindu Rajputs, Sikhs, and many other people.
1. Hey your last name is Singh. Are you sikh?
2. No I am a hindu rajput.
by dorksrule February 18, 2009
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koolest peeps alive on eath; A real singh is JATT... always there BURAHHHH chakday.... D^Town.
Putt Jattan De...... burahhhhhh putt jattan dah soniyah ni terya tah marda hahahghaha shyt....
by Paul Singh May 4, 2005
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A common first, last or middle names used in many middle eastern country,

Also a racist term if your too lazy too say their names
Yo singh when you droppping that bomb?

Bro see that guy called Singh? Stay away from him he smells like curry
by V1dur4n September 3, 2019
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The feeling when you want to drop out of college but can't because of the societal repercussions.
"I'm feeling Singh today"
by Singh30 December 11, 2021
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