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noun: a condition, in which a person or animal spontaneously lurches into spasmodic movements consistent with a baby calf which appears to be kicking with its hind legs at a swarm of flies which aren't there; vocalization that is sharp and loud accompanies this action. The duration of this condition is seconds to minutes.
One teacher: "How are your kids today?"
Other teacher answers: "Shit, man, they've got the screaming yips. I'm about to lose my shit!"
First teacher, "Holy Jesus on a Stick, I have them next period!"
by Smacfoo November 19, 2004
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adj: secretive; of a hoarding nature; used to describe one who withholds information and/or goods
That stash little honyocker has a whole bag full of mini Snickers in his locker that he won't share.
by Smacfoo November 19, 2004
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contraction of the phrase "May I help you?" or "May I help youse?"
Employee of Southside Taco Bell, Pueblo, Colorado: "Wal-come to Southside Taco Bells. Malpyouse?"
by Smacfoo October 13, 2004
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noun: in sports, a form of punishment in which the punished must run around a track. The last person in the line sprints to the front, and then jogs; the newest caboose must then sprint, etc. etc. Activity continues until a) someone pukes; b) someone collapses, or c) until the coach is satisfied.
If I have to run any more fartlets, I'm gonna lose my shit.
by Smacfoo November 19, 2004
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That terk bim was so stash, she wouldn't even give me a piece of gum in Mr. Trontell's class.
by Smacfoo November 19, 2004
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