She is the most important person in the world . She has alot of friends and desires attention.
She is a brave strong girl who has no fear. She is very attractive and will be known for her beautiful looks
Boy: ur very cute

Millen : thanks my names millen
by Lovepoets July 15, 2017
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1. A person who is inept for a job, but not fired at all.

Origin: The 2001-present Lions President Matt Millen.
Tommy: You peed in the deep frier, and didn't get fired from McDonalds?! You're a total Millen!

Billy: Yeah, I know!
by Adam "The Bobcat" December 23, 2005
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A really nice girl who is there to help anyone and everyone. Willing to sacrifice her time for others wants and needs. Doesn't look like a crack head
Wow you're millen
by Shling ding January 3, 2018
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A small, one red light town in south Georgia. No one gives a damn about the people who live there. Common activities are drinking beer in hospital parking lot, riding dirt roads, or hooking up on lovers lane. The average town inhabitant has less than twenty teeth, is on drugs, or addicted to sex. Overall, this is a town not worth visiting.
Friend - "Dude, she's fucking hot!"
Me - "Give it up, man. She's from Millen."
by jayylovely August 1, 2011
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Has been dealing with the CAMF definition for most of her life and needs something new
Elizabeth: Ooo lets search Millene in the urban dictionary
UD definition: CAMF
Everyone: ^o^
Millene: -_-
by MaDudesBeSaucy October 20, 2019
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Totally awesome dude with extremely large and long penis with at least 36 inches. He is so cool and never is a virgin. He has a super hot body and a six pack.
girl: are you hiding something in your pants?
millen: no, thats my penis!
by SUP NUBS FTW! November 1, 2010
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