Not a slut, but just friendly girl.
5bucks pwns your ass.

5bucks is the funniest person in the whole freakin' world.

Got 5 bucks for 5bucks?
by JackmeFatty March 21, 2004
An expression used to describe something really cheap. It doesn't necessarily have to be 5 dollars or on eBay, but it generally means cheap.
Person 1: Check it out!
Person 2: Cool! Did it cost much?
Person 1: It was like, 5 bucks on eBay
by Tumblerocket May 3, 2017
Group of extremely handsome individuals, that love fucking moms, also always full send everything, and are always ferda
The 5 buck cucks all ran a train on my mom again
by Chikjoe December 30, 2017
What started as a way to raise money to launch a GLBT Community Television Network turned into a catch phrase for the GLBT Community.
Did you give 5 bucks? Yeah, I gave 5 bucks.
by December 6, 2008
The most attractive kids in the world, they fuck many kids moms,and always full send to the max, and are always ferda
You 5 buck cucks are gonna pay for ducking my mom
by Chikjoe December 30, 2017