yummy orange ...things that taste good and are made by a tiger on drugs
mmm cheetos
by jim September 30, 2003
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Tasty looking things, without a proper definite size, usually they can range from narrow and long, to miniscule and round. This gives me the impression that Cheetos are just made from the dough-runoffs of other snack food brands, so the makers can just make some extra money.
Manager: The immigrant workers have been complaining about constantly scooping off the excess dough from the cutouts of our Doritos brand.

CEO: Lets save both them, and me, some time, and money, by allowing the scraps to drop into a deep fryer ingeniously positioned beneath the conveyor belts meant for our less popular lines of snack foods.

Manager: Capital idea! We should call them Cheetos!

CEO: Now go fire all the workers and manual dough handlers!
by C Tan March 05, 2006
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As in, "Did you see all the Cheetos at that Trump rally? All five of them?"
by Flying Thesaurus March 15, 2017
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Paul Bearer's favorite mother fuckin food in the whole mother fuckin world.
Paul Bearer will eat anything...that has a cheeto type taste too it.
My mom put cheeto flavored sauce on her couch, and paul ate the fucking couch!!!
by PP3 June 08, 2004
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1. A term to represent a tiny little dog shit. See shit. Cheetos have spread rage throughout the world whenever a human being spots a cheeto on their floor. A cheeto will usually be picked up with a paper towel.

2. A Dangerously Cheesy Snack that comes in various flavors and shapes.
1. "God Damnit, I keep on finding cheetos from underneath my bed! I'm gonna kill that little bitch (dog)."

2. "Deeyamn mayne, what the fick is up with these Cheetos they're so damn cheesy, it's dangerous!"
by JBGroveStreet March 14, 2008
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