An amazing girl! She's trustworthy, pretty, intelligent, kind, and hilarious. I'm so lucky to have her in my life.

She's a beautiful girl with an amazing body. She's charismatic, sophisticated and powerful. But she can also be very weird and crazy.

Laughs at her own jokes.

She's incredibly smart, has a way with words and is a great listener. She loves helping people with their personal problems.

She doesn't take shit. She's gonna catch your shit and throw it back at your face. Do NOT get in her bad side. She doesn't like being surrounded by many people, so if you're close to her, she considers you very special.

She's a very special girl.

An elegant name for an elegant girl.

She's ana amazing friend, and an amazing lover. Very passionate and romantic. Unless you get on her bad side.

She can be shy and sophisticated, but can also be SO badass.

She's extremely talented and artsy.

She truly has it all. Looks, brains, personality.
Anthony: OMG, have you met Oliva?
John: Yeah, dude, she’s awesome !
by Starrrrrr January 31, 2020
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Is a woman's name. Commonly in Mexico and is not the incorrect spelling of OLIVIA they are two different words, both are derived from Olive
Me: Hi my name is Oliva
Girl: wow my name is Olivia
Me: Cool
Girl: so its like my name with out the second i
Me: yuppers
by isu05 February 14, 2007
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Someone who doesn't know how to spell Olivia
Guy: Hey can you give this to Oliva
Girl: Who?
Guy: Oliva..
Girl: ...Do you mean Olivia?
by brownskittles January 21, 2005
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An amazing Person with amazing qualities. She also has a very unique name. She is very passionate in drawing and more! She is an amazing Friend. If you know an Oliva you are very lucky.
Friend 1: Do you know Oliva???
Friend 2: Oh my Gosh no!!! You are so lucky!!! I heard she is AMAZING!!
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A very hard working person.
An Olivas is an honorable person.

An Olivas is someone who will help you succeed in life. You can always count on an Olivas to help you. An Olivas is a beautiful person, inside out. An Olivas is Godly and will always find the good in people. If you meet an Olivas, consider yourself lucky.
I was having a hard time at work but luckily, Olivas talked to me and made me feel better.
by Queen of the Western world February 4, 2019
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The absolute lowest species in the rodent family. A person with no conscience who will stop at nothing to rat somebody out. Slandering, lazy, unworthily cocky, and to put it bluntly a filthy rat.
Guy 1: hey man, guess what? I'm suspended for two weeks without pay because that rat Felix Olivas snitched me out to IA. Now I'm getting moved to day shift Team 5.
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