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All contestents submit 5 words to UD. In several weeks, the highest success rate wins.
What are the results from last month's Urban Contest?
I had 0%. How about you?
0% as well. A draw!
by TreeWeezel April 15, 2011
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mono (single) + molecules = stray molecules. Means a tiny amount of something.
This has chicken broth in it? I can't eat it.
Don't be afraid of a few meat monocules!

Easy, it only takes a few monocules of that stuff.

The environmentalists glared at my scooter as if they were afraid of a few hydrocarbon monocules.
by TreeWeezel August 16, 2011
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meatgazer (girl who stares at guy's junk) + glance. Upon accusation of meatgazing, the offender will usually admit it but say she "just glanced". The proper compromise is to call her a meatglancer, or more aptly put, meatglazer.
Guy 1: JWebb is staring at Blick's meat. MEATGAZER!
JWebb: I only glanced.
Guy 1: Then you're a meatglazer. MEATGLAZER!
by TreeWeezel April 2, 2011
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Used to describe any untimely or unnecessary expenditure of effort or money.

Adapted from Shakespeare (Merchant of Venice), and in that day roads were in far better shape during the summer months, so mending roads in summertime was considered redundant.
Guy 1: "I'd better review for my phsychology exam"

Guy 2: "Study for a class that easy? That's like mending roads in summertime!"
by TreeWeezel November 16, 2010
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To climb a near vertical surface with a rope in your hands and your feet walking up the wall.
We grabbed a rope and batmaned up the roof.
by TreeWeezel October 26, 2011
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Tendency of the west coast to overrate. For instance, if a show has rave reviews in Frisco you should wait until it gets as far east as Chicago before believing it.

Possible explanations include laidback, non-critical attitudes, drug use, and simply less exposure to good culture.

The term originated in the drum corps circle, where corps are numerically judged across the country and the scores coming from the west are disregarded.
Wow, these guys are supposed to be fantastic!

Don't believe the hype, it's just west coast inflation.
by TreeWeezel August 5, 2011
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Means something is not as good in real life as online, in print, or in your imagination.

(Pokes fun by blurring the line between virtual reality and real life, which has always been in 3D)
Dude 1: That's a fly honey! (picture of girl)
Dude 2: You'd be surprised, she looks worse in 3D.
by TreeWeezel June 7, 2011
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