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The masculine sound of electric power, usually a motor or heating element.
When some chode drove by revving his mustang 5.0, nobody turned their head. Then when I pulled away from the curb on my electric scooter, all the girls were smitten by my ripping tronsurge.
by TreeWeezel March 14, 2011
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From movie TRON and "tonic" meaning liquid.

The glowing blue beverage from TRON, consisting of pure energy. In the analog world, the closest thing is the appropriately colored and aptly named blue Powerade
I started to get tired playing basketball in the heat so I took a big gulp of Trontonic. It tasted like pure energy!
by TreeWeezel April 16, 2011
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Definition 1 about the cartoon robot is correct...The word can be adapted as a secret nickname for anybody who obsesses with ridiculous mechanical things.

Usually a neighbor, due to the neighborhood setting of The Brak Show. Can also apply to somebody with an overly decorated lawn.
The neighbor drives a Humvees - we call him Thunderclese

The other neighbor mows the lawn with an oversized tractor: he's Thunderclese too.

The neighbor's kid drives obnoxiously loud motorbikes in circles: Thunderclese Junior
by TreeWeezel November 14, 2011
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The bing.com of porn. Type in your fetish, and it will add "+porn" and Google it for you.
How'd you find those great pics?
Try ting.com
by TreeWeezel September 30, 2011
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A combination of two (possibly more) words to form one word. A virtual staple on Urbandictionary.
Smoosh of hill and mountain: mill

Smoosh of lion and tiger: liger
by TreeWeezel January 18, 2012
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The cereal that is also an MC
Yo dawg, I got the new Special K!

What, the girly cereal for fat white prudes?

Naw dawg, the hot new album!
by TreeWeezel April 22, 2011
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Popular grafitti tag. Inspired by the character Spit from the urban movie Beat Street, who would spray "spitspitspitspit..." in crude cursive script over the entire city (including the protagonist's murals).
There was a beautiful mural sprayed onto that train car, but Spit got their right away and tagged it "spitspitspitspit..."
by TreeWeezel October 31, 2011
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