People born on May 22nd will be one of the most awesome you ever meet. They’re funny, playful, and also hardworking when the time calls for it. They’ll be one of the best friends you could find as they are sincere, honest, and truly a good person.
My friend is born on May 22nd, and she’s super awesome and the best! Ignore the other inappropriate definitions for May 22nd, because this May 22nd girl is an angel!!
by SunnyNotAStar March 26, 2020
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Girl- Heyy, I appreciate you
GUY- Let me guess it's May 22
Girl- yas
GUY- in that case, then I appreciate you
by dr._dank_noodles May 21, 2019
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Best day ever if you are born on this day you are amazing, spectacular, out of this world, and so much more.
person 1: When is your birthday?
person 2: may 22
person 1: omg period
by vialikesmemes May 9, 2020
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National put laxidous in teachers coffee day.
On May 22 all of the teachers in North America got to go home early because of a severe case of diarrhea.
by Better Couple October 28, 2019
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If you where born on may 22 , then you are very sad, and probably have daddy issues.
Person 1: whens your birthday?
Person 2: may 22!

Person 1: .. do you need someone to talk to?
by F@tbïtçh April 19, 2020
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The second send nudes of the year. The same way Sweetest day is the second Valentine's Day of the year.
Boy: Happy national send nudes day!

Girl: Stupid, that's April 18th you're thinking of .
Boy: Nope, it's May 22nd as well
Girl: Well shit.
by National Nudes Day May 23, 2018
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The day early start schools get out of that 9 month jail sentence AKA School
It's almost May 22
by DLJ The Real April 11, 2019
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