Commodore have been given a bad name due to the fact the drivers of them are the worst you could ever see on the road.Also to the fact that they are built out of rice paper. They do the following:
1- Weave in and out of traffic even during peak hour.
2- Will try to race you despite any Commodore they own. Ie If they own a VT and you own an Aurion they will still try and race you even though they have no chance.
3-If you are on the highway, and doing 10km/h above the speed limit, they will still be going faster than you
4-Tailgate anywhere anytime
5-Sit on the right lane of the highway and never ever move as they tend to think they own the road
6- Commodore owners thinking they have Ferraris
7- Foglights on during the day to give you the impression that they look cool and that you should get out of their way.
8- Putting later model commodore bodykits on earlier model commodores to make them appear cool. Body kits often do not appear to fit properly
9-Typical australian male with your base model Commodore and hubcaps and by adding a spoiler they are all of a sudden thinking they have a BMW or Merc and they are king
All of these things add up to Commodore drivers being the worst on Australias roads.
"Wow im doing 130km/h and that Holden Commodore is passing me like im standing still"

"Hey mate, see that car coming with the fog lights on? I bet you $100 that the car is a Commodore"

"Bloody Commodore tailgaiting me!"

"Oh look at the accident on the news, another Commodore driver lost control of his car"
by Colin McDougall July 11, 2008
A sedan made by the Australian arm of GM. They are good value with decent performance courtesy of an American 6.0L V8. Though unlike a lot of American cars, it actually handles well. A lot of the drivers are stereotyped as bogans but very few actually are. They are exported to the U.S. as Pontiacs (and now Chevrolets), to the Middle East as Chevrolets and to the U.K. as Vauxhalls. Generally made to compete with the Ford Falcon.
Ford/Non-holden owner: "All Holden drivers are bogan dickheads."
Holden owner: "You just mad because you've got no V8."

"I love my Holden Commodore, it's decently priced and I can have some fun when I put my foot down."
by Deathmaster97 September 25, 2012
Australias very own car, a car that is reliable and easy to fix and has been the staple of Australian automotive history since 1978. If you think your crummy ford falcon is better than anything on the road (especially Commodores) you're wrong. You're not an Australian made company as your parts are imported from the U.S, your cheap plastic interiors break all the time and look like the back end of a donkey, spark plugs fail all the time, Head gasket oil leaks, failing alternator, major oil leaks, power steering pump fails within the first 100,000 km, Exhaust sounds are horrific and not to mention your dodgy A/C. Yes, our Commodores may have issues here and there and most of our engines are Chevy motors but General Motors bought Holden in 1931 hence why to that reason. The only reason why you own a ford is that it is overrated, cheap, bland, most of your cars are in famous movies and are sold all over the world. Holden is exclusive to Australia nowhere else.
I'm a proud Aussie to own a Holden Commodore.
by Yackob November 24, 2021
a generally crappy car made by an Australian company that only make decent cars if it uses components from other manufacturers.
1st dude, unfortunate owner of holden commodore
"My VL broke down, again"

2nd dude
"buy a honda"
by sippawitz August 16, 2006