Rims.....they r 22 inches...also known as double deuces
Yo..u betta be cruisin on 22's wen u ride up in the club
by Lacali12 March 19, 2003
Kiwi slang for splitting something into halves. Going halves with someone on something.
Lets go 22's on an ounce.
by Kiwi_God July 29, 2018
refers to a possible size of car metal car rims. Also reffered to as "dubz"
I just got a brand new set of 22's, now I can roll on dubz!
by Jonathan Norman April 26, 2004
-Reffering to one who has big muscles, or large biceps.
-One with very fine muscle definition.
observer - "Man, that player has big muscles"
player - "22's son, 22's son!!"
by 24hourboy February 23, 2007
The size of one's biceps in inches.
Person 1: Damn have you seen Randy's 22's!?
Person 2: Yeah but Kimmie says that they are 17's.
by Randizzle 22 October 19, 2008